Posted by: bearstew | 02/12/2009

The Walk of Fame?

I just recently got back from a vacation my familiy and I took to California. While out there we got ot expirience this warm sunny state as tourists. We saw the the sights, went to see the tapping of The Price is Right and The Jimmy Kimmel Live show, we even had a celebrity sighting when we were able to catch Dolly Parton filming a music video down on Hollywood Blvd. Needless to say we had a great time. However I have a friend who lives out there and while he was serving as our tour guide,( and did a fantastic job by the way) he was able to show us the real Hollywood/LA area. I was surprised to se it is not even close to how they protray it in the movies and on TV. It is actually pretty dirty and the mood is dismal due to the homeless and the out of work hopefuls who have come to Hollywood to catch their big break. The worsening economy has made it hard for these young people to find even a part time job to get them by as they chase after their dreams. I saw many people out there on the street with the only a hint of the fire that once burned much hotter. A fire that drove every ounce of their being as they searched for what only a few can find. A chance to be a star. I feel saddened that these young and once vibrant souls have to be reduced to living on the street. They went in search of fame and all that Hollywood could give was a sidewalk for them to sit upon. Many of them even sleeping in the front of stores that closed for the night just to get under a two or three foot awning so they would have some shelter from the rain. They have taken shelter on Hollywood Blvd.. Along the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. They now spend their nights where the stars that inspired them to travel from far and wide in search of a dream, are now enshrined in the very concrete where they lay their heads. This famous landmark, that everyone who comes to to Hollywood walk along taking pictures, is not only lined with the stars with names enscribed into them. It is also has many that are blank and waiting to be filled by the next big thing. Many of those that lie along the edge of this path had hoped it would be their name on one of those blank stars. So I ask is it really the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”? I think at some point in the past it was. Now I beleive it has become the “Hollywood Walk of Pain”. That is what you will see in the eyes of those who occupy this street day and night. The pain of realizing that dreams don’t always come true. The shame of not wanting to go home a failure. The sorrow of excepting that fate was not on their side. I feel for these lost souls, afraid to face the cold hard truth. “They were wrong”. They came out there knowing that they were going to be stars, but they were wrong. I enjoyed my trip to California. I did have fun I recommend if you ever get the chance, GO. There is alot to see and do. You will have a great time. However if you do slow down and look, you will see that there is a ,not so glamorous, side to Hollywood they never show in the movies.

Posted by: bearstew | 01/27/2009

How Long before we end the Obama WAR!!!

I have started a new job. With this new job I get to go to Chicago,IL on regular basis. I am totally amazed at how the people in Chicago just cannot let go of this feud with now President Obama. All day everday that is all I hear on the CB is How this guy loves Obama or how this other guy said something bad about Obama. I just wish people would let go of this childishness and let nature take it’s course. President Obama IS I say again IS!!! the President wether you love this fact, hate this fact, or just don’t care either way it is still, The Fact. President Obama will now start the process of governing the USA. If he is a success or a failure is yet to be seen. When there is something new to complain about by all means complain away. Until then PLEASE,PLEASE just shut up about OBAMA…!!!

Posted by: bearstew | 01/17/2009

Hey!! Al Gore, Where is my global warming??

As record low temperatures continue to be set across the country, Al Gore and the rest of the idiot libs continue to claim that we have a global warming problem. Like most people in the northern states I am freezing my butt off right now. I would love a little bit of this global warming in my area. Unfortunately I think I am going to have to put on my warm clothes for a little while longer. Scientists all over the world have legitamate research and evidence that the globe is actually cooling. Let’s put aside the fact that they claim the so called “warming trend” is due to excessive CO2 in our atmosphere. This theroy is totally absurd. If anyone has ever used a CO2 powered pellet or paintball gun they know that CO2 is COLD!!! One question you might ask is if CO2 causes warming then why do they put it in FIRE extinguishers??? Okay I know your thinking that CO2 in a container is compressed so that is why it is cold. Right? Alright I’ll give you that maybe it is different when it is put into an atmospheric condition. Well then lets look at CO2 in the atmosphere. Mars, the atmosphere on Mars is 95.32% CO2 (carbon dioxide). The Earth has 0.038% CO2 in it’s atmosphere. The average temperature on Mars is -81F. The average temperature on Earth is +59F. If you just take the time to look at the data available it is easy to see that all this global warming BS is just that BS!!! This is just another way for the Liberals in government to take your tax dollars and give it away to more of their voters and advocate groups and keep you from being angry. The fact is you should be angry. The Libs and Dems continually lie to you and steal from you. Global warming is just one of many BS lines they feed you. Get motivated take some time and research the crap they tell you before they end up taxing you and the rest of us into the poor house. All want is for you to give them more power and more money so they can keep you even further outside the loop. So believe them if you want. I would rather believe the evidence. Well that is the lesson for today, so do your homework and quit buying into this Liberal BS. So again I say, HEY!! Al Gore, Where is my global warming??

Posted by: bearstew | 01/10/2009

Contagious Stupidity

I would like to know why people with white or silver vehichles drive down the road with no lights on when it snowing heavily, raining, or foggy out. As I mentioned before I am a truck driver. I can drive down the road in weather with limited visability and I will see many vehichles with no headlights. If you take the time to count all the cars, vans,trucks,and SUVs,and take note of the colors of all of them that don’t have their lights on. I bet that at least 75% of them will be white or silver. Do these people not realize that in bad weather it is already hard to see other vehichles. If your vehichle blends in with the horizon it is that much harder to see. I think that is pretty easy to figure out. Yet all the time we see the same idiots driving in bad weather with white and silver cars and no headlights. on. Maybe someday they will pass a law making it mandatory to have lights on in bad weather. The question then will be “will the police enforce it.”

Posted by: bearstew | 01/10/2009

Common Sense?

I have come to the conclusion that it should no longer be call “common” sense. It seems to me that people who have this “common” sense are few and far between. I observe things daily that make me wonder how some people ever even find their way home at the end of the day. So I have decided that I will start posting something new about this subject when ever I see something worthy. The heading for this segment will be called “Contagious Stupidity” since I don’t believe it should be called common sense or lack there of. Anyone who displays this so called “common sense” should be considered “Gifted”.

Posted by: bearstew | 01/05/2009

Anti-Gun advocates drive me batty!!!

no-gunI just don’t understand what people are thinking when they are trying to pass these so-called gun control laws. Laws are made for people to follow for the the safety of those around them. We already have laws in effect for leagally owed and carried firearms. The gun control activists say that they want to pass these new gun laws to reduce crime and gang violence. Criminals and gang members don’t make it common practice to check the laws before they go out to commit a crime. The disregard for law and order is precisley why they are criminals. If they were going to follow these ‘NEW’ gun laws. They would have been following the exsiting laws.  The fact  is the gun control activists want to completely disarm america. The easiest way to start is to go after the law abiding gun owners. Then after you have their guns figure out what to do about the criminals and their guns.  The problem with this is, now the law abiding former gun owner is defenseless againt the criminals who now know that the citizens are unarmed. By doing this the criminals are now free to go anywhere including into the homes of innocent people and do as they wish. Why? because now they know that they are the only one with a gun. The risk of commiting a crime is now reduced to a minimum.  The disarming of american citizens is the first step toward creating a socialist or communist america. We have admitted socialist in our government right now. If you want proof google search the Democratic Socialists of America. Look at the names on the list and see for yourself. I am a law abiding gun owner and soon will be a law abiding gun carrier. I enjoy my 2nd amendment rights. I am a member of the NRA. I will do everything I can to protect my right to keep and bare arms. I will not give up on my right to defend  my family, my home, and myself from people who wish to cause harm to us otherwise. I believe it is time that our government stop trying to pass more gun laws that criminals are not going to follow, and start passing laws for harsher penalties for those who commit crimes with guns. Get the people who are using these gun illeaglly off the street. Maybe, just maybe then you will see a reduction in gun crimes and gang violence.